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Dog Hit by Car

Source: PetWave, Updated on October 02, 2017
Dog Hit by Car
Dog Hit by Car Guide:

What You Should Do

As soon as a dog has been hit by a car, the dog should be safely removed from the roadway as carefully as possible to keep the dog, the owner, and oncoming traffic safe from further accidents. Once the dog is moved, the dog should first be checked to see if it is breathing, and if not CPR measures should be carried out.

If the dog is unconscious but breathing, extra special care needs to be taken with transporting the dog to prevent injury. Try not to move the dog much while it is being transported, and use a large towel, piece of cardboard, or blanket to lift the dog into a vehicle.

Any wounds that are bleeding should be covered with a cloth and pressure should be applied. If any limbs are obviously broken, or if the dog cannot walk on one of its legs, the limb should be stabilized with a towel, cloth, t-shirt, or whatever is at hand, before transporting the dog to a veterinarian.

Pet owners need to try to remember that after a dog has been hit by a car, its first instinct is to flee and to ignore pain. In nature this action protects the dog from predators, but for domesticated dogs it can sometimes harm them when pet owners do not realize that their dog has suffered serious injury because the dog does not show any signs of pain. This is why it is so important to take your dog to a veterinarian immediately after a car accident, even if the dog seems to be okay after the incident.

What Your Veterinarian Will Do

The veterinarian will assess your dog’s injuries through blood tests, x-rays, and sometimes ultrasound. Shock will be treated through intravenous fluids, administration of steroids, or administration of sedatives, and pain will be controlled through pain relieving medications.

If the dog requires immediate surgery to repair broken limbs or organ damage then the dog will be anesthetized and the surgery will take place as soon as possible. How long the dog will need to stay in the hospital depends on the severity of the injuries.

First Aid A-Z
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