Symptoms and Signs of Conjunctivitis in Dogs

Source: PetWave, Updated on July 16, 2015

How Conjunctivitis Affects Dogs

Conjunctivitis is also called “red eye” for obvious reasons. It is painful and irritating to affected dogs and frustrating for their owners. Clinical signs of conjunctivitis include swollen and sticky eyelids, excessive tearing, pawing at the eyes, squinting, pronounced redness and inflammation. It can occur in one eye or in both and often is accompanied by a profuse, thick ocular discharge. Left untreated, chronic conjunctivitis can permanently damage the cornea and other surrounding ocular tissues.

Special Notes

Medicated eye drops can be quite helpful for dogs suffering from conjunctivitis. In troublesome cases, owners may be referred to a specialized veterinary ophthalmologist for advanced diagnostic testing and treatment. While chronic conjunctivitis can be frustrating for owners, it usually can be treated effectively once the cause is determined.

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