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Wirehaired Pointing Griffon - Temperament & Personality

Source: PetWave, Updated on July 16, 2015
Wirehaired Pointing Griffon


Wirehaired Pointing Griffons are held in high regard by hunters as sharp, reliable gun dogs who can both point and retrieve, and can withstand extreme terrain and all types of weather. As a family dig, Griffons are polite, quiet, affectionate and playful. They are alert watchdogs who will bark to let you know someone is approaching, but they are far too docile to be guard dogs. Griffons need a lot of activity, and are best suited for families who enjoy the outdoors. They get along well with older children and can be trusted around family pets when they are all raised together. For active families, Griffons make an ideal companion.

Activity Requirements

Griffons need at least one hour of vigorous exercise every day in order to maintain health, happiness and an even temperament. A bored Griffon is a destructive Griffon. They enjoy hunting and are able to work long hours in the field in any terrain or weather. They are also adept swimmers and make excellent water retrievers.

At home, Griffons like to romp and play in the yard and also enjoy long walks, hikes and jogs. If you have a pool, expect your Griffon to want to take a dip now and then, especially if there is a ball or stick in the water that he can retrieve.

Wirehaired Pointing Griffons are country dogs who need the outdoors and open spaces. The city can be too overwhelming for him, and he does not do well cooped up in a small apartment.


Wireharied Pointing Griffons are slightly difficult to train, as are all pointing breeds. They have minds of their own and don't like being told what to do. It's not uncommon for Griffons to just walk away from a training session if they see something more interesting going on around them, or if they don't like the way they are being handled. Keep sessions short and always maintain an upbeat, positive attitude. Treats can be a good motivator as well. Always be consistent with rules and boundaries. Griffons will test boundaries every day, and if you slack off on the rules just one time, the dog will see that as license to break all rules.

Socialization should begin early in a Griffon's life so that he understands that new people and new situations are nothing to fear. Though they are fearless and focused in the hunting field, they can be less self-assured at home or about town. If a Griffon is too sheltered, he can become fearful which is very difficult to live with and causes the dog unnecessary stress.

Behavioral Traits

Wirehaired Pointing Griffons are prone to separation anxiety when left alone too often. This breed is not well suited for people who work long hours, and are better off on farms or homes where there is a stay at home parent. When you do leave your Griffon, it is important to wear him out beforehand so that he is too tired to become anxious.

Neat freaks may want to rethink adopting a Griffon. These dogs are messy, as food and water gets caught in their beards and they track dirt throughout the house.

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