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Weimaraner - Temperament & Personality

Source: PetWave, Updated on July 16, 2015


Weimaraners are highly athletic dogs with a lot of energy who bring an air of elegance wherever they go. They have been made popular in recent years by William Wegman, who photographs Weimaraners in costumes and wigs, acting out scenes as if they were human. This breed is not for just anyone, no matter how cute and expressive their faces may be. Weimaraners are demanding dogs who require strong leadership and a lot of exercise in order to maintain an even temperament. They are reliable hunting dogs and many people still use them in the field for both tracking and retrieving. Though they are active and require a lot of outdoor time, Weimaraners expect to live indoors with the family and soak up as much affection as they can get. For outdoor oriented families who have experience with dogs, the Weimaraner can be an excellent companion.

Activity Requirements

Couch potatoes look elsewhere - Weimaraners need at least one hour of vigorous exercise every day, but two is ideal. They are versatile dogs who enjoy walking, jogging, hiking and accompanying you on bike rides. Weimaraners don't always know how to swim, but once he learns he also enjoys a nice refreshing dip once in a while. Do not leave your Weimaraner in the back yard to entertain himself as he will probably destroy your yard and then try to escape.

Novice dog owners can get into trouble with Weimaraners as they can be quite a handful. The biggest reasons that these dogs become rowdy, hyper and destructive is lack of exercise. If your adult Weimaraner is out of control at home, it is most likely because he is not being allowed to burn off enough of his extra energy. Committing to a Weimaraner means committing to an active lifestyle.


Weimaraners can be a handful to train. They are stubborn and mischievous and have no trouble walking away from you if they are bored with the activity. Start your dog off young to establish leadership quickly – if you don't let him know you are in charge, he will naturally assume the position of leader. Training should involve a lot of praise and treats, but should be conducted with a confident air. Harsh discipline will cause your Weimaraner to disregard you completely, so make sure training is conducted by the most patient person in the home, as these dogs can test the patience of a saint. Novice dog owners may wish to consult a professional dog trainer who understand the nuances of the Weimaraner personality.

Behavioral Traits

Weimaraners will chase anything that moves, and small neighborhood animals could be in peril in the presence of this breed. Keep your Weimaraner on a leash at all times and make sure your yard is securely fenced. It is best that you not introduce non-canine pets into a Weimaraner's home. They get along well with other dogs, when raised alongside them from puppyhood, but can be unaccepted of new dogs into the home, especially males.

As puppies Weimaraners are incredibly rambunctious and will bound clumsily all throughout the house, knocking down furniture and people. Without proper exercise and training, your adult Weimaraner will not outgrow this behavior.

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