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Spinone Italiano - Temperament & Personality

Source: PetWave, Updated on July 16, 2015
Spinone Italiano


As puppies, Spinone Italianos are rowdy, rambunctious and full of energy. As adults, they mature into quiet, dignified companions who generally make themselves seen and not heard. They are reserved around strangers, but come to life in the outdoors. Spinones are sturdy hunting companions and make excellent hiking and jogging buddies. They get alone well with children, when raised alongside the little ones and don't mind other family dogs. For families who have experience with dogs and love the outdoors, Spinone Italianos make excellent pets.

Activity Requirements

Spinone Italianos need a lot of vigorous exercise to remain healthy, happy and even-tempered. They are built for hunting and can withstand harsh terrain, hours in the sun and sopping wet conditions. Couch potatoes should not consider this breed, as they are much better suited for hunters and people who enjoy the outdoors. In the hunting field Spinones are versatile, tracking pointing and retrieving on land and water. When not hunting, Spinones enjoy walking, jogging and long hikes.

Spinones are far to large and need too much exercise to be cooped up in an apartment. These are country dogs who need plenty of room to run, roam, romp and whenever possible, to swim.


For experienced trainers, Spinones are fairly easy to train. They are not dominant or overbearing, but can be quite stubborn. Novice trainers may grow frustrated or be inclined to resort to harsh treatment or discipline – which is the wrong approach to training this breed. Spinones need strong, consistent leadership but should never be punished or physically corrected, as this will cause them to shut down and become even more resistant to training and boundaries.

Spinones are reserved dogs who need extensive socialization as puppies to help them come out of their shells. If not properly introduced to new people, new situations and other animals, a Spinone can be very difficult to live with. When properly socialized, he may still be cautious around strangers, but will always be polite and dignified.

Behavioral Traits

Spinones were designed to be hunting companions and they enjoy working alongside their master in the field. This desire to bond makes them incredibly attached to people, especially those who exercise with him. Separation anxiety can develop if a Spinone is left alone for long periods of time, and they express this anxiety through excessive barking and destructive chewing. Exercising your Spinone before you leave the house can help, but these dogs are best suited for families with a stay at home parent, or with someone who works a flexible work schedule.

Spinones mellow out as adults, but puppies can be difficult to handle. They are rowdy and tend to bound and bounce about the house with little regard for furniture, knick knacks, drinks, or people who may be in his path. Proper exercise is important in limiting their bounciness, but it takes 2-3 years for a Spinone to be well behaved indoors.

This breed gets along fine with other dogs, but they are hunters who have a strong desire to chase cats, squirrels, rabbits and birds. When not in the hunting field, Spinones should be kept on a leash or in a securely fenced area.

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