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Sloughi - Appearance & Grooming

Source: PetWave, Updated on July 16, 2015

General Appearance

The Sloughi is a moderately-sized, smooth-coated, slender sighthound that rightfully gives the impression of both raciness and strength. It resembles a Saluki or Greyhound in side profile. Breed fanciers liken it to a cheetah, with similar conformational characteristics that make it a capable hunter that is built for speed. However, the Sloughi is not a fragile dog, despite its refinement and sinewy silhouette. Its prominent skeletal structure is covered with lean muscle and little fat. It has a long elegant head, large dark eyes and a gentle expression that sometimes looks a bit melancholy. Its floppy ears fall close to its face, and its neck is nicely arched and powerful. The Sloughi’s long tail is carried low, with a noticeable upward curl at its tip. Its oval feet resemble those of rabbits. The middle two toes are noticeably longer than the outer two, and all the toes are slightly webbed, which helps the dog have better traction when sprinting on soft desert sand.

Size and Weight

Male Sloughis are a bit taller and larger than females, typically standing 26 to 29 inches at the top of the withers and weighing between 55 and 65 pounds at maturity. Females normally range from 24 to 27 inches in height and weigh between 45 and 50 pounds. The ideal height and weight for each gender falls in the middle of each range.

Coat and Color

The Sloughi’s coat is always smooth, short and fine. They may develop a slight undercoat during especially cold seasons, although this is not particularly common. This breed should have no feathering or long patches of hair anywhere on its body. Sloughis come in colors ranging from light sand (cream) to mahogany red sand (fawn). Darker or nearly black Sloughis also exist. Its coat mirrors the colors and shadings of its native North African desert plains. Some Sloughis have coats mottled with darker and lighter hues of the same color. Some have black facial masking covering their muzzles. Black ears, foreheads and necks are also found in the breed. The inside of their legs and the belly are frequently lighter in color than the rest of their coat, making the dog appear two-toned. Sloughis may have brinding or striping, which can be dense and dark or sparse and light. Small white patches on the chest or toes are permitted, as are white markings caused by scarring or age. Any other white, anywhere on the dog’s body, will disqualify it from the show ring.

Grooming Needs

The Sloughi is extremely easy to groom. A quick rubdown with a towel, glove or soft brush every now and then is all that is needed to keep him looking tidy. Its sleek coat repels most of the grime that it encounters on its outdoor adventures. Mild shampoo and water are normally enough to clean even the dirtiest Sloughi. This breed has little of the "wet dog" smell characteristic of most damp dogs, making scented shampoos to mask that smell unnecessary. The Sloughi's skin is not overly-sensitive. However, because it is fairly thin and can become chafed, vigorous scrubbing and frequent baths should be avoided. During grooming, Sloughi owners should check for ticks, fleas, mites and other parasites that may have climbed aboard. This includes the neck, ribcage area, belly and insides of the legs and ears. Additionally, when bathing their Sloughi, owners should be sure that there are no small animals or other moving objects (like balls, toddlers or toys) in the grooming environment, or they may become wetter than their dog. In the show ring, the Sloughi is presented in natural condition, without any trimming, clipping or shaving. Sloughis are not heavy shedders. In terms of grooming, this truly is a low-maintenance breed.

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