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Pumi Dog Breed

Source: PetWave, Updated on July 16, 2015


The Pumi, also known as the Hungarian Pumi, is an agile, active, medium-sized herding breed whose ancient ancestors accompanied the Magyars to Hungary thousands of years ago. The name “Pumi” was coined in the early 1900s. It may come from a combination of “Puli” and “Mudi,” two breeds that probably are behind the modern Pumi. Bred to herd and drive sheep, cattle, pigs and other livestock, and also to hunt rodents, the Pumi combines the alertness and drive of a terrier with the willingness and intelligence of a shepherd. They typically work very close to their livestock and use their voices and quick movement to guide and keep the flocks and herds under control. Pumis make good watch and guard dogs and still are used to protect small farms from invasive rodents, human intruders and wild animals in their country of origin. They retain their native hunting instincts and have even been used to hunt feral hogs. These dogs have a well-developed sense of smell and participate in search and rescue, freestyle dog dancing, agility trials, obedience trials and conformation competitions. They are exceptionally fast learners and very responsive to training. Versatility, loyalty, alertness and affection have all contributed to this breed’s expanding following. Pumis make excellent indoor companions and sporting partners for active people.

Pumi Dog Breed Quick Facts

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