Pug Dog Breed

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The Pug, also called the Chinese Pug, Dutch Mastiff and Dutch Bulldog, is a very old dog breed that was developed in China at least 2400 years ago. The meaning of the breed's name is unclear, although it is possibly slang for the word "monkey" or is derived from the Latin "pugnus," meaning "fist." Easily recognizable due to their stocky bodies and prominent eyes, these popular companion animals were often favored pets of monks and royal families in Europe and China. The small size and relatively low exercise requirements of the Pug make it suitable for living in apartments. Spirited, willful and affectionate, this breed possesses a sturdy, compact build that enables it to play safely with children. Pugs are lively, alert animals that behave lovingly toward people of all ages and get along well with other dogs. The American Kennel Club officially recognized the Pug in 1885, and the breed is part of the Toy Group.

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