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Pembroke Welsh Corgi Dog Breed

Source: PetWave, Updated on July 16, 2015
Pembroke Welsh Corgi


The Pembroke Welsh Corgi, also known as the Ci Sawdl, the Ci Sodli, the Welsh Heeler, the Pembroke or the Pembi, traces back at least to the 12th century, making it a younger breed than its close cousin, the Cardigan Welsh Corgi, but still a truly ancient breed in its own right. The breed name may derive from the word “corgi,” which is Celtic for “dog”. Some fanciers suggest that the breed was named for “cor”, which in Welsh means “dwarf”, and “ci” which means “dog.” Another tale is that it was named for “cwr,” which in Welsh means “to watch over.”

The Pembroke Welsh Corgi is shorter in body and straighter in leg than the Cardigan, and its coat is finer in texture. Pembrokes have erect, pointed ears and a short-to-nonexistent tail, while Cardigans have more rounded ears and a long, plume-like tail. Breed authorities suggest that the Pembroke is stockier and a bit more excitable than the Cardigan, although in modern times the breeds have become increasingly similar in appearance and disposition. This is an extremely affable breed that makes a wonderful canine companion. The Pembroke Welsh Corgi gained international recognition as the preferred pet of Queen Elizabeth II, who has championed the breed for more than 70 years. The Pembroke Welsh Corgi was accepted into the American Kennel Club’s Herding Group in 1934.

The mature Pembroke Welsh Corgi ideally stands between 10 and 12 inches at the withers, with males not to exceed 30 pounds and females weighing 28 pounds or less. In hard show condition, the preferred weight for males is 27 pounds and for bitches is 25 pounds. The medium-length, dense double coat has a long, coarse outer layer and a thick, weather-resistant undercoat. Pembrokes tend to shed and require regular grooming to manage their coat. Acceptable colors are red, sable, fawn, black and tan, with or without white markings.

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