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Norwich Terrier - Appearance & Grooming

Source: PetWave, Updated on July 16, 2015
Norwich Terrier


The Norwich Terrier is a small dog with short legs, a harsh, wiry coat and pointed ears. They are stocky in build, with a level topline and are about as long as they are tall. They have a rounded, wide skull with a defined stop and a tapered muzzle. They have dark, oval shaped eyes with black rims with medium-sized, erect ears. The teeth should ideally come together in a scissors bite. The tail is customarily docked to a length that can be gripped comfortably by hand. The double coat is thick underneath and wiry on top and comes in colors of red, grizzle (a mixture of black or red hairs with white hairs), wheaten (pale yellow or fawn), or black and tan.

Size and Weight

Mature Norwich Terriers should not stand more than 10 inches at the shoulder and they typically weigh between 10 and 12 pounds.

Coat and Color

The double coat of the Norwich Terrier is made up of a soft, insulating undercoat and a hard wiry outer coat. The hair should be straight, never wavy or curly. The neck and shoulders are covered in a thick mane, and he has slightly bushy eyebrows. The Norwich coat can be any shade of red, grizzle (a mixture of black or red hairs with white hairs), wheaten (pale yellow or fawn), or black and tan. White markings are not considered desirable by breed standard, but do not make the dog any less of a companion.

Grooming Needs

Norwich Terriers shed very lightly throughout the year. Weekly brushing is enough to remove loose and dead hair from the coat and will keep the dog clean. They only require bathing as-needed. The coat should be stripped twice per year, either by hand or with a stripping knife, if the dog is to be shown. Family dogs can be clipped, but clipping does alter the texture and color of the hair and also makes the dog more prone to shedding.

The ears should be checked on a regular basis for signs of wax buildup, irritation or infection. Clean them with a cotton ball and a veterinarian-approved cleanser; never use a cotton swab in a dog's ear canal. Teeth should be brushed on a weekly basis to prevent tartar buildup, promote gum health and keep bad breath at bay. Trim the Norwich Terrier's nails monthly if the dog does not wear the toenails down naturally outdoors.

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