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Native American Indian Dog - Temperament & Personality

Source: PetWave, Updated on July 16, 2015


Native American Indian Dogs are extremely loyal dogs who attach themselves deeply to their families. They are excellent watchdogs, keeping vigil over his people and property, but they are not aggressive attack dogs. Their appearance is often deterrent enough to keep intruders at bay. Native American Indian dogs get along great with children and other pets, as they are social dogs who enjoy interaction and they are also patient and kind. For active families who enjoy the outdoors, the Native American Indian Dog makes an ideal companion.

Activity Requirements

This breed needs lots of vigorous activity in order to maintain happiness and health. They love the outdoors and are versatile. They enjoy everything from hunting to jogging to playing fetch in the back yard. Native American Indian Dogs make excellent hiking and camping companions, acting as both friend and watchdog. In the winder time, pulling kids on a sled can keep him busy for hours at a time. One to two hours of activity a day will meet this breed's daily activity requirements.

This is a thinking breed who also needs mental activity in order to remain happy. A bored Native American Indian Dog can make quick work of your furniture or flowerbeds. Make sure your dog has lots of interesting things to do while you are gone, or he will entertain himself.


Native American Indian Dogs are highly trainable. They are pack dogs who respond well when leadership has been established, and they can be trained to do just about anything. They respond best to positive reinforcement and are not motivated by discipline. Though they are highly trainable and generally obedient dogs, like human teenagers, some can be rebellious in adolescence. All family members need to remain consistent with boundaries and rules, or all your hard work can go right out the window.

This breed should not be crate trained. They don't like being confined and will equate the crate with a punishment, which they do not understand.

Once basic obedience has been mastered, you should move your American Indian Dog on to advanced training in the agility ring. These intelligent animals like to use their minds and they will eat up the extra bonding time.

Behavioral Traits

Separation Anxiety is common in this breed. They love and need companionship and when left alone they can become depressed or anxious, which they express by barking, howling and destructive chewing. Properly exercising your Native American Indian Dog before you leave the house can help, and companion dogs can prevent anxiety from ever setting in. You shouldn't leave your Native American Indian Dog alone for more than a few hours at a time.

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