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Medium Sized Dog Breed

The Medium Sized Dog

Medium sized dogs cover a wide variety of breeds ranging from terriers to hounds to huskies. They can be laid back or energetic, they can be guard dogs or family companions, and they vary in term of looks, temperament and personality. Because there is such a variance, the only thing that medium sized dogs truly have in common is their weight – they range 40 and 60 pounds.

The sheer number of breeds that are classified as "medium sized" has helped them become the most popular size of dog in the world. Medium breeds are also popular because unlike small breeds, they are less prone to injury and fearfulness, and they lack the sheer bulk and the various health concerns of large breeds. Many breeds in the medium category are also known for their intelligence, providing stimulating companionship for owners. Medium sized dogs can live happily in apartments or other small spaces, but they do require frequent exercise to help them burn off excess energy. Though they are not as large as other breeds, they must engage lots of daily physical activity and can become destructive in the home if they become bored or restless. Breeds of this size are sturdy, and can handle the rough-and-tumble play that comes with a house full of children. They have more patience than small dogs, and they aren't as apt to accidentally hurt a child during an innocent game of chase. Many of these breeds were bred to herd, however, and they can have a tendency to dominate and children, which they can easily mistake for a flock to be managed.

Many medium sized breeds are diggers, which means they should never be left outdoors unattended. They can make quick work of a flower bed, and they can dig under fences in no time flat to explore the outside world. The breeds that are considered to be medium-sized are many. It’s important to research a breed before choosing to adopt, and always spend some time with an individual puppy or dog before choosing one to share your home. Please browse or Medium Dog Breed Center to learn more about these pets.

List of Medium Sized Dogs

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