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Komondor - Temperament & Personality

Source: PetWave, Updated on July 16, 2015


The Komondor's temperament is like that of most livestock guarding dogs. They are normally calm and steady, but they will defend their herd fearlessly in times of trouble. Komondors are extremely affectionate with family and friends, and they are gentle with the children. Although wary of strangers, they will accept them when it is clear that no harm is meant.

Komondors are very protective of family, home, and possessions. An athletic dog, the Komondor is fast and powerful and will leap at a predator to drive it off or knock it down. It can be used successfully to guard sheep against wolves or bears.

Komondors are wonderful, loving companions when properly trained and socialized. As in any breed, there is a range of personalities, so your needs should be communicated to your breeder. An experienced breeder can try to identify an individual that would be happier as a working livestock dog, or one that would be better suited as a family pet.


Obedience training is a must for the Komondor due to its size, power, and speed. The best results occur when training begins at an early age (4-8 months). A Komondor can become obstinate when bored, so it is imperative that training sessions be upbeat and happy. Praise is a must, as are consistent and humane corrections.

Once a Komondor gets away with unfriendly or hostile behavior, it will always think such behavior is appropriate. Therefore, consistent corrections even with a young puppy are necessary to ensure a well-adjusted adult. Socialization is also extremely important. The Komondor should be exposed to new situations, people and other dogs as a puppy. Because it is a natural guard dog, a Komondor that is not properly socialized may react in an excessively aggressive manner when confronted with a new situation or person.

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