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Keeshond Dog Breed

Source: PetWave, Updated on July 16, 2015


The lively little Keeshond (pronounced “kays-hawnd”), also sometimes known as the Wolfspitz, Foxdog, Chien Loup, Dutch Keeshond, Dutch Barge Dog, Smiling Dutchman or Laughing Dutchman, is a very old breed and one of a very few that was only bred to be a watchdog, guard dog and family companion. The fact that Keeshonds never were bred to chase, hunt, attack or kill either animals or people undoubtedly contributes to their gentle, loving nature and complete devotion to their owners. These are stocky, spitz-type, medium-sized dogs with gorgeous fluffy gray coats and tightly curled tails. They are slightly smaller in stature than the German Wolfspitz, to which they are closely related. Keeshonds enjoy the out-of-doors but especially thrive inside. They are lively, friendly, cuddly, extroverted and smart. They get along famously with children. This is an attentive breed that makes an endearing and affectionate family companion. The American Kennel Club accepted the Keeshond for full registration status in 1930, as a member of the Non-Sporting Group.

Keeshond Dog Breed Quick Facts

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