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Ibizan Hound - Temperament & Personality

Source: PetWave, Updated on July 16, 2015
Ibizan Hound


The Ibizan Hound (nicknamed “Beezer”) was developed in Ancient Egypt as a hunter of small game. They can reach top speed from a dead stop very quickly and can scale six foot fences without a running start. Beezers make excellent companion dogs as they are quiet, well mannered, independent and clean. They can be quite clownish and enjoy making harmless mischief whenever they can. Beezers have a lot of energy and need time to run, but most of the day they are content to sunbathe around the house, accepting as much affection as you are willing to give.

Activity Requirements

Though Beezers need time to gallop every week, you don't need to be a runner yourself to raise this breed, in fact even the fastest sprinters can't keep up with an Ibizan Hound. They should be taken to a dog park or better yet, enrolled in a dog club with a lure-training track where your Beezer can chase a mechanical lure at top speed. Other than their weekly runs, Ibizan Hounds are content with several walks per day to stay fit. They are fine city dwellers, as long as they are allowed to get to a park for regular sprints. Their size makes them unsuitable for small apartments, but they are graceful dogs who don't need excessive room to move around indoors, so large apartments or condos are ok spaces.


Ibizan Hounds are docile animals who should be treated gently at all times. Gentle consistency, lots of praise and treats, and and extra helping of patience are required for training. Beezers are independent animals and don't particularly have a need to please people. Their attitude toward training is, “What's in it for me?” You need to give them a reason to listen to you.

Beezers can be wary of strangers which can lead to excessive shyness or fearfulness, if left unchecked. Early and frequent socialization is required to teach the dog to accept new people and new situations are welcome.

Behavioral Traits

The chasing instinct is strong in Ibizan Hounds. Cats and small dogs an be in peril if your Beezer's hunting instinct is as strong as his need to chase moving objects. Running should always happen in an enclosed area, and if you take your Beezer to the dog park, make sure there are separate areas for large and small dogs. Be aware, however, that most fences can't hold an Ibizan Hound. If he spots a bird, cat, rabbit or squirrel over a fence, he can jump it in a single bound, and often from a complete stand-still.

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