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Guard Dog Breeds

What Makes a Guard Dog

For some people, having a dog is about more than companionship – it’s also about security. Burglars and other form of threat will think twice about entering a home that is protected by a sturdy and reliable guard dog. There is an important difference between a watchdog and a guard dog that all owners should understand, however. Watch dogs will bark to alert their family of an incoming stranger, but they will typically not follow through with any sort of action, unless they are severely provoked. Guard dogs, on the other hand, have the size, strength, and the protective drive that allows them to back up their verbal, barking warnings with action.

Just as watch dogs and guard dogs are different, it’s also important not to mistake guard dogs for attack dogs. No dog is an "attack dog" unless trained to do so. Guard dogs will do what they have to do in order to protect the people and territory they consider to be “theirs.” Most will not harm a human, unless that human is not backing down or is outwardly engaging in provoking behavior. Luckily, it rarely comes to this. Guard dog breeds are often large and imposing, and their presence, confidence, stance, and bark are almost always enough to deter those who might wish to enter your home uninvited.

The protective nature of a guard dog also has a warm-and-fuzzy flip side. When they are properly trained and socialized as puppies, they are extremely gentle with family members, and can be trained to back down quickly so that welcome visitors are not intimidated by their presence. Owning a guard dog requires consistent training and proactive ownership. People interested in using a protective breed as a security feature should work with a professional to help properly train their dog to follow commands at all times. To discover breeds that can help keep your family and property safe, please visit our Guard Dog Breed Center.

List of Guard Dogs

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