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Giant Schnauzer Dog Breed

Source: PetWave, Updated on July 16, 2015
Giant Schnauzer


The Giant Schnauzer, also for a time known as the Russian Bear Schnauzer, the Munich Schnauzer the Munchener, the Munchen Dog and the Riesenschnauzer (which translates as “giant”), is a large, intelligent, loyal and sometimes headstrong breed developed in Germany hundreds of years ago. The first Giant Schnauzer was shown in Munich in 1909 under the breed name of the Russian Bear Schnauzer. The Giant Schnauzer was recognized by the American Kennel Club in 1930, as a member of the Working Group.

The height of adult male Giant Schnauzers should be 25½ to 27½ at the withers, and of the female 23½ to 25½ inches at the withers, with mid-range being considered ideal. They typically weigh between 65 and 100 pounds, with females usually being slightly smaller and lighter than males. The Giant Schnauzer’s coat is hard, wiry and dense, with a soft under-layer and a harsh outer coat that lays neither smooth nor flat. It should be pure black or pepper-and-salt in color, and must be hand-stripped several times yearly to remove dead hair. The Schnauzer’s coarse topknot, stubby moustache, wiry beard and bushy eyebrows are hallmarks of the breed. It used to be common for their ears to be cropped, but increasingly they are left in their natural state.

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