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Field Spaniel - Appearance & Grooming

Source: PetWave, Updated on July 16, 2015
Field Spaniel


Field Spaniels are medium in size and are both longer and heavier than their Cocker Spaniel cousins. They have long pendant ears that should reach the muzzle when pulled forward. They have almond-shaped eyes that are either brown or hazel in color, and give the dog an air of seriousness and intelligence. Their single coat is silken in texture and comes in either solid colors, or solid with tan markings. Field Spaniels sport moderate feathering on the ears, chest, bellies legs and tail. The tail has a downward orientation and is almost always docked.

Size and Weight

Male Field spaniels should ideally stand 18 inches at the shoulder and females should stand 17 inches. They vary in weight from about 35 to 50 pounds. When showing a Field Spaniel, proportion is more important than the actual height and weight. They should be a bit longer than they are tall, with a ratio of approximately 7:6.

Coat and Color

The Field Spaniel sports a water-repellant, single coat. The hair is medium-long and may be straight or wavy. They sport feathering on the chest, belly, legs and rear end, but this feathering is moderate compared to a Cocker Spaniel. They come in either solid colors of black, liver, or roan. Any of these colorings may also sport tan points. Some dogs are adorned with white spots on the chest and/or throat.

Grooming Needs

Compared to other spaniel breeds, the Field Spaniel is a breeze to groom. They do not require any special trimming or grooming. Weekly brushing is required to remove loose and dead hair, and they only need to be bathed as needed. Brushing the dog's teeth on a weekly basis will help keep tartar from building up and keep doggie breath at bay. When the dog's toenails can be heard clicking on the floor, it is time for a trim.

The long, heavy ears of the Field Spaniel should be checked regularly for signs of redness or irritation. Air does not circulate through the ear canal, and bacteria and wax can lead to painful infections. Cleanse the ears with a veterinarian-approved solution and a cotton ball.

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