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English Foxhound - Appearance & Grooming

Source: PetWave, Updated on July 16, 2015
English Foxhound


The English Foxhound is an elegant dog with a classic hound look. They are athletic, clean cut and muscular, without being bulky. The muzzle is long, the eyes are large, and the ears are low-set, medium-sized and pendant. English Foxhounds should carry their tails gaily. The coat is short and sleek and comes in any color, but is most often tricolor. The legs are straight and end in round, cat-like feet. The expression of an English Foxhound should be intelligent and gentle.

Size and Weight

The average height for males is 24 inches, and for females, 23. English Foxhounds weigh anywhere from 70 to 75 pounds.

Coat and Color

The English Foxhound wears a short, shiny, hard-textured, dense coat. They may be tricolor – black, white and tan; or white with hare (more tan than black and white), badger (white, gray, brown and black hairs), tan, or yellow. Color is of little importance by breed standard.

Grooming Needs

Grooming the English Foxhound is a breeze. They shed lightly year round, but weekly brushing with a hound mitt is enough to keep loose hair under control. Only bathe as needed, when the dog is dirty or begins to smell. Individual dogs will determine how often bathing is necessary.

Check the ears on a regular basis for signs of wax buildup, irritation or infection. Clean the ears with a cotton ball and a veterinarian-approved cleanser. Trim nails once per month, if the dog does not wear down the toenails naturally outdoors. Brush teeth weekly (or more) to prevent tartar buildup, promote gum health, and keep bad breath at bay.

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