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Chinese Crested Dog - Grooming Tips

Source: GNU Free Documentation License Updated on July 16, 2015
Chinese Crested


The Powderpuffs have a very soft and fine double coat that requires full brushing every other day to avoid matting. Although a Puff's coat does not continuously grow like that of some other breeds, it can be quite long at full length and some owners choose to put their Puffs into a "pony cut." This low maintenance option keeps the body hair and facial hair short, leaving the crest, feathers and tail plume at full length.


Maintenance of the Hairless variety's skin is similar to maintaining human skin, it can be susceptible to acne, dryness, and sunburn. A Hairless should be bathed at least 2 times per week to avoid acne and other skin conditions. Some dogs shower with their owners every day.

Hypoallergenic or mildly, perfumed moisturizing cream can keep the skin from becoming too dry when applied every other day or after bathing. Burning can occur in regions that lend themselves to strong ultraviolet rays, especially in lighter-skinned dogs. Many owners apply baby sunscreen to their pets before spending time in strong sun.

Unless the dog is a true Hairless (one with virtually no hair growth on non-extremities), trimming and/or shaving must be performed to remove stubble growth. Many owners use a clipper for the face and ears and to remove any longer growth that was allowed to occur. They then use a variety of methods to achieve complete hair removal of non-extremities. Commonly used methods include a man's razor and hypoallergenic shaving cream, waxing, and electric razors. Some people have had success with hair removal cream, although one should be sure to apply an amount to a small test area to be sure no adverse reaction occurs.

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