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Cesky Terrier - Temperament & Personality

Source: PetWave, Updated on July 16, 2015
Cesky Terrier


The Cesky Terrier is less edgy than most terriers, and their normally friendly, happy, easygoing temperament and cute looks makes this breed a potential choice for those who are looking for a lively household companion. Unlike many of its terrier cousins, the Cesky is fairly good around unfamiliar people and dogs, although it still often is reserved around strangers. Ceskys are smart, loyal and generally well-mannered. They love to play and are not particularly yappy or excitable. Nevertheless, they are still terriers and retain the hot, feisty, stubborn streak that makes them such talented hunters and watchdogs.

Activity Requirements

The Cesky is an active breed that needs daily exercise to stay physically and mentally well-tuned. It does not do well living exclusively outdoors or spending most of its time in a kennel or crate away from its people. This is a breed that can thrive in large homes as well as in homes where space is limited, as long as there is regular play and exercise time. A securely fenced yard where the Cesky can stretch its legs and run freely is great for this breed, as are daily walks at the park or around the neighborhood. Ceskys can be sensitive to outdoor conditions and do not enjoy being in extreme temperatures or weather, preferring to stay warm and dry inside. Although it gravitates to a leisurely lifestyle, the Cesky still loves to, and needs to, get regular playtime. It is always ready for a game of fetch with its owner - or anyone else, for that matter. This is not a breed for people who don’t have time to spend with their dog. Cesky Terriers crave attention and above all want to be with their family.


Cesky Terriers are eager to please their owners and usually are easy to train. As with any breed, the Cesky does best when training and obedience classes start when the dog is still young, but it is still quite trainable if acquired as an adult. This sensitive breed does not respond well to harsh training methods. Cesky Terriers are highly intelligent and respond well to positive, reward-based obedience training. A beginner agility class can also be a good, fun, interactive positive training activity.

Behavioral Traits

Cesky Terriers are extremely food-oriented. They have a particular affinity for stealing and begging for food, which predisposes them to putting on too much weight and suffering the adverse consequences of obesity. Owners of this breed should not leave food, dirty dishes, leftovers or garbage unattended anywhere within its reach. In addition to its inclination to pilfer food, the Cesky has some other recognized behavioral traits. It is likely to become destructive if left alone for too long, wreaking havoc on its surroundings. This breed is known for being a vigorous digger, as it was bred to be. Ceskys can be reserved and reclusive around strangers. They have fairly short attention spans and tend to be loud barkers. They are very smart, which some people mistakenly confuse with stubbornness. Ceskys should not be left unsupervised with toys or bones; they have very strong jaws and can be quite destructive. Owners should take precautions when bringing a Cesky into a family with children. These dogs don’t appreciate rough handling and definitely aren’t fond of being picked up and carried around by kids. They aren’t the best long-distance travelers and usually are more content staying home than riding in the car or on a plane for extended periods of time. Most of these behavioral traits are easily avoided if owners socialize their pets early and often with other people and animals, and make them integral parts of their families.

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