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Cane Corso - Appearance & Grooming

Source: PetWave, Updated on July 16, 2015
Cane Corso


The Cain Corso is noble, majestic and muscular in appearance. This is a powerful, big-boned breed with a large, wide head, broad skull and prominent cheekbones. Its high-set ears may be left natural or cropped; if cropped to stand erect in small triangles. Their tails may or may not be docked (surgically shortened) shortly after they are born. The entire body of the Cane Corso is solid and thick, exuding its obvious strength. While they are not especially tall, their overall appearance is one of size and power. Despite this, they move with considerable elegance. Cane Corsos are imposing and can be intimidating to those not familiar with the breed. Some people find their appearance to be somewhat scary or even ferocious.

Size and Weight

Male Corsos typically are between 24 and 28 inches in height, measured at the top of the shoulder, and weigh between 95 and 110 pounds. Females range from 23 to 26 inches in height and usually weigh between 85 and 100 pounds. In a correctly built Corso, their weight is in proportion to their height. Many people seeing a Cane Corso up close and personal for the first time will swear that they are taller and heavier than they actually are.

Coat and Color

Cane Corsos have a dense, double coat. The undercoat is light and soft, but it becomes thicker in cold weather. The outercoat is short, shiny and coarse. The breed comes in a range of colors, including various shades of black, gray, fawn, red, brindle, blue and chestnut. Some white markings are allowed on the chest, throat, chin, back of the pasterns and toes. Solid fawns and reds, including in lighter and darker shades, should have a black or gray facial mask that does not extend above their eyes.

Grooming Needs

Cane Corsos are low-maintenance dogs in terms of their grooming requirements. They are light shedders, which make maintaining their coat simple. Usually, a quick wipe-down with a damp cloth and an occasional once-over with a soft brush is all the coat-care that they need. Owners should start trimming their Corso’s toenails at a very young age, so that the routine becomes familiar to the animal before it approaches its owner’s size. Regular dental care for this breed is no different from that for any other large-breed dog.

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