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Black Russian Terrier - Temperament & Personality

Source: PetWave, Updated on July 16, 2015
Black Russian Terrier


Black Russian Terriers are truly man's best friend. They thrive on human interaction and have such a strong desire to be with their family that they will follow their people from room to room, and when left alone, will wait longingly by doors or windows until they are happily reunited with the ones they love. This breed adores children – especially female Black Russians. They are patient with small children who want to climb on them and are big enough to keep up with bigger kids' outdoor games. They have bee known to sleep in kids' rooms or outside their bedroom doors as a guardian and protector.

Activity Requirements

Black Russian Terriers, despite their larger size, can do well living in an apartment. They don't need an excessive amount of vigorous running time per day, but do need several walks. If left alone in a yard, Black Russian will quickly get bored and want to come inside. Outside activities should always involve interaction with kids or people in order to keep this breed interested.


Black Russian Terriers are hands down the easiest breed of terrier to train. As puppies, Black Russians should be treated firmly, but never harshly, to understand boundaries or they will take over the house when they get older. Though they can project dominance, under a consistent, confident leader they can master basic obedience very quickly. They should be graduated on to advanced training, as Black Russians like to be entertained by new and exciting tasks.

Socialization is important with this breed. They can become very protective of their family and territory so they must be taught early on to accept visitors and new situations.

Personalty Traits

Because they attach themselves to deeply to their family, separation anxiety can develop quickly in Black Russians. It is important to keep them well exercised and to keep their minds entertained with plenty of activity so that anxiety does not develop. They are not ideal for people who are out of the house a lot. Families with stay at home moms suit this people-loving dog best.

Black Russian Terriers were developed by the Soviet Red Army to act as sentries. The modern Black Russian still takes this job very seriously and is quick to protect the family and house he loves. He will sound the alarm that strangers are approaching – even if they are half a block away. Training to obey a stop barking command and proper socialization can save the family's sanity later on.

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