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Bedlington Terrier - Appearance & Grooming

Source: PetWave, Updated on July 16, 2015
Bedlington Terrier


Bedlington Terriers look like lambs. They have pear-shaped heads and curly, fluffy coats. Though they may look like gentle, quiet lambs, Bedlingtons are active, bouncy terriers through and through. They are built more like a Greyhound than a terrier, with an arched back and long running stride. This breed is either solid or bicolored, coming in shades of white, blue, liver, sandy, blue, tan, or combinations of any two colors. At birth, all Bedlingtons are dark, but become lighter in color as they mature.

Size and Weight

Bedlington Terriers do not have much deviation in size. They stand between 15 and 16 inches at the shoulder and generally weigh between 17 and 23 pounds. Females are generally slightly smaller than males. When they move, Bedlingtons have a spring in their step making adults appear almost puppy-like.

Coat and Color

Bedlingtons have a very unique coat texture that is both soft to the touch, yet crisp – but not wiry. The hair curls, and the curls are more distinctive around the head and face. The coat should be clipped to maintain a one inch length at the body, becoming slightly longer at the legs.

Bedlington puppies are born dark and lighten as they get older. They may be white, blue, liver, sandy, blue and tan, sandy and tan or liver and tan. In all varieties, the topknot is slightly lighter than the rest of the body.

Grooming Needs

Bedlingtons need to be professionally groomed to maintain their lamb-like appearance. Handy owners can be taught how to do it, but most prefer to leave it to the professionals. Their faces need to be hand clipped with scissors, which can be tricky. Bathing is required every few months, but some owners prefer to stick to a six-week bath and clipping schedule. They do not shed much, but weekly combings are required to get rid of dead hair and keep the coat's unique texture in tact.

Regular cleaning of teeth and ears can help keep harmful bacteria from building up and will maintain the overall health of the dog.

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