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Beauceron - Temperament & Personality

Source: PetWave, Updated on July 16, 2015


Strong and confident, the Beauceron always appears to be in a serious mode of thinking. This is because he probably is. A vigilant breed, the Beauceron makes an excellent watchdog and companion for an active family or a farming family. This breed is independent, able to solve problems and highly intelligent – making them an ideal rancher's assistant. Though serious and tough-looking on the outside, Beaucerons are gentle giants with their families and adore playing with children.

Activity Requirements

The Beauceron is not an apartment dog, nor is the breed well-suited for a family who just wants an easy-going companion. They do make excellent family companions, and even act as “nannies” for children playing outdoors, keeping a watchful eye, they are not a standard family dog. Beaucerons were originally bred to assist farmers with herding and guarding flocks, and to this day they are their happiest when active. Strolling around a neighborhood won't satisfy this breed's daily activity requirement. They are, however; perfect for a true “outdoorsperson” who likes to walk, hike, bike and swim. Country and farm settings with lots of room to run and flocks of animals to tend to are the best environment for this breed.


Beaucerons are a challenge to train and are not for the timid trainer or first-time dog owner. Highly intelligent, with a yen for independent thinking, this breed will take a yard if given an inch. A consistent, confident air is needed when training a Beauceron, in order to establish who is in charge. Beaucerons assume they are in charge, until proven wrong.

Once a chain of command is established Beaucerons will excel in basic obedience, and should be “graduated” into advanced training in either tricks, tracking or agility. Just as this breed needs lots of physical activity, they also need mental stimulation in order to stave off boredom, which can lead to destructive behaviors.

Behavioral Traits

Protective by nature, Beaucerons can be wary of strangers. Early socialization can prevent this wariness from turning to aggression. Animal aggression, however; is another story. Beaucerons can be extremely aggressive with other dogs of the same sex. Unless your Beauceron is raised alongside other pets, it is best not to try and introduce another animal into the home.

Destructive behaviors are common in this breed, though not because of separation anxiety. This dog was bred to work alongside farmers and herd animals, and if their natural desire for constant activity and exercise is not met, they will quickly channel their energy into chewing and digging.

Their herding nature can make them chasers or nippers. Families with lots of children should supervise play with a Beauceron. They aren't likely to turn aggressive on children, especially children they know and love, but a nip on the heel from the strong jaw of a Beauceron could mean injury for a child. They will also chase after smaller animals, including smaller breeds of dogs, so families in a residential area should never allow their Beauceron off-leash unless in a securely fenced-in area.

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