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Basset Hound - Appearance & Grooming

Source: PetWave, Updated on July 16, 2015
Basset Hound


Bassets Hounds give the appearance of a Bloodhound that has been squished towards the ground. They have short legs, long bodies and heavy bones. Bassets have large heads with round skulls and long, wide muzzles. Their ears are long and velvet to the touch, and when extended outward toward the face, should actually be long enough to touch beyond the dog's nose. Basset Hounds sport a long tail that should always be carried high. They have very large feet which almost appear disproportionate to the body, and their skin is loose and lays in folds around the head and face. Bassets are famous for their sad looking brown eyes and deliberate (but not clumsy) movement.

Size and Weight

Bassets are short, they only stand from 11 to 14 inches at the shoulder, but they are long and meaty, weighing anywhere from 45 pounds to 65 pounds at maturity. Their stature is deceiving. Bassets can make a lot of mischief around the house as they reach table and counter tops when they stand on their hind legs.

Coat and Color

Bassets have a droopy appearance due to the elasticity of their skin. Their hair is short, lays flat against the body and is weather-resistant. The coat sheds lightly year-round, but can be kept under control with regular brushing.

AKC Standards allow for all hound colors, but the most common Basset colors are tri-color (tan, black, and white), black and white, brown and white, or red and white. Lemon and white is a very rare ocuurance, but is accepted. Blue Bassets (which are actually gray) are sometimes seen, but this coloring is an indication of the presence of a recessive gene that leads to several problems with intestines, skin problems and food allergies.

Grooming Needs

Basset Hounds have short, water-resistant coats that require very little grooming. Weekly brushing will keep their year-round shedding under control, and the natural oils of the coat keep them from getting too dirty or smelly. Their ears are long and hang low, which makes Bassets prone to ear inflections. Weekly cleaning will help keep harmful bacteria at bay. They also have wrinkled faces which require regular wiping.

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