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American Bulldog - Appearance & Grooming

Source: PetWave, Updated on July 16, 2015
American Bulldog


American Bulldogs are stocky and well built and have powerful jaws. They are higher on the leg and more agile than their English cousins, but are still square and fairly compact. Historically, this breed has been predominantly white in color, but has grown to include many color pattern including black, red, brown, fawn and brindle. Blue or merle is always undesirable, and is a disqualification by breed standard. Eye rims and nose should be black, but some pink is allowed. Their front legs are heavy, strong and straight, while the hind legs are broad, thick and should have well-defined muscles. They have wide chests, thick necks and square heads. The standard preferred bite of the teeth is reverse scissor, but even, under and scissor bite will not disqualify a dog in the show ring. The ears also come in a variety of shapes including cropped, rose, half-pricked and forward flap. The American Bulldog's tail is set low on the body.

Size and Weight

Male American Bulldogs stand between 22 and 28 inches tall and weigh between 75 and 125 pounds. Females stand between 20 and 25 inches and weigh anywhere from 60 to 100 pounds. In general, males are stockier and heavier boned than their female counterparts.

Coat and Color

American Bulldogs' coats are smooth and short and come in all shades of brindle, various shades of white, red, brown, tan, and fawn. White is the most common of all colors.

Grooming Needs

This breed is relatively low maintenance on the grooming front. Regular brushing can keep their moderate, year-round shedding from becoming unruly and baths only need be given when the dog has gotten himself into a bit of muck, or he begins to smell. The wrinkles of the face should be wiped and dried regularly in order to prevent bacteria from developing and care should be taken to dry the wrinkles after bathing, as well. They are prone to bad breath, so weekly or even daily tooth brushing is a must to keep bacteria from building up and causing tooth loss later in life. Regular cleaning of the ears with a veterinarian-approved cleanser can keep infections from forming. Active Bulldogs will wear their toenails down naturally, but if you can hear nails clicking on the floor, a trim is in order. Puppies feet should be handled from an early age to prepare the Bulldog for nail trimmings later in life.

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