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How to Teach Your Dog to Sit - Step by Step Training Guide

Source: PetWave, Updated on August 30, 2016
Sit Guide:

Getting Started:

Training your dog how to sit can be achieved by following these 5 simple steps. Remember, the two most important factors in successfully training your dog are to make sure you have their attention and always use positive reinforcement.

Step 1:

Make sure your dog is focused. Get your dog’s attention via a piece of food, snapping your fingers, a clicker, or just calling its name. Once you have your dog’s focus, you can begin training.

Step 2:

Give the command to “SIT”. Do not yell at the dog, rather use a firm, but reassuring tone with your dog to enforce the sitting behavior.

Step 3:

Get your dog to understand what the command “SIT” is asking. If your dog stairs at you with a confused look, it could mean they don’t understand the command. To help your dog understand what you are asking, give the command “SIT”, and with your hand, gently push on the rear end of the dog until they are in a sitting position. Once in the sitting position, reaffirm their action with a “Good SIT”.

Step 4:

Use praise and rewards to reinforce the desired behavior. This can be done through using a reward system. Each time your dog sits feed him its favorite treat to help repeat the behavior, or if the dog likes games and playing, play more with the dog after each time it performs the sitting. Remember it’s important to associate positive reinforcement with the command, “SIT”.

Step 5:

Repetition is the key to success. Doing this activity several times during the day will help form a pattern and help make the dog know when to sit upon request.

If you have little success with getting your dog to sit on your own, an obedience training school or program may be helpful. Obedience training schools or programs are normally available at your local pet stores.

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