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Choosing a Weight Loss Program for Dogs

Source: PetWave, Updated on May 08, 2018


If your dog is overweight there are specific diets and weight loss recipes that can help your dog to lose weight. Before you begin any diet change, always ensure that your dog is getting all of the nutritional requirements he or she needs in the diet. Changes in the diet should also be implemented slowly over a period of time so that your dog’s digestive tract has time to get used to the new foods.

Exercise for Dogs

One of the most common mistakes pet owners make when they put their dogs on a weight loss program is to jump into an intensive exercise program that the dog is not physically capable of handling. Pulled muscles, arthritis, and in some cases catastrophic injuries to the joints and muscles can occur as a result.

The right weight loss program for a dog will be very gradual. In dogs that are extremely obese, elderly, or who have existing medical conditions, it is vital that exercises begin slowly. This means that the most exercise a dog should have is a short walk three times a week. In time, the duration and amount of walks can slowly be increased.

Choosing a Diet

Diet is an important component of the dog’s weight loss program as well, and obese dogs should be placed on a weight loss diet. Once they have returned to their ideal body weight, they can be placed on a weight management diet. Pet owners should follow the feeding guidelines to the letter, but if their dog is having problems adjusting to smaller portions light calorie foods can be provided as well. One of the best light calorie foods pet owners can use to help their dogs handle a severe case of munchies are green beans, which can be filling, are low calorie, contain no fat, and dogs usually enjoy the taste.

Pet owners need to be consistent with their dog’s weight loss program, and it is important not to become frustrated by slow weight loss. It generally takes many months of dieting and exercise before dogs can return to their ideal body weight.

Green Bean Diet

One of the most effective weight loss recipes for dogs includes feeding your dog a quality diet dog food, and supplementing the diet with green beans. This type of weight loss recipe is also called the ‘green bean diet’ for dogs. Pet owners often feel frustrated when they cut down on their dog’s diet, and change to a new diet dog food, because their dog feels hungry and continually begs for food. Supplementing the dog’s diet with green beans will help to fill your dog up, and these vegetables are low in calories. If you decide to use this recipe for your dog, make sure that you feed your dog the recommended amount of dietary dog food along with the green beans.

Another type of weight loss recipe for dogs includes a quality diet dog food, and using light calorie meats such as chicken and tuna to supplement the diet when your dog is hungry. These meats can be used as an occasional snack, and they can be added to the dog’s food in small amounts to help the dog feel fuller.

If you want to use a complete home cooked weight loss recipe for your dog that does not involve using commercial diet dog food, you will need to be take particular care when you are planning your dog’s diet. Home cooked weight loss recipes involve feeding plenty of vegetables and fruits, meats such as chicken and fish, and small amounts of grains and oats. A complete daily nutritional supplement should be given if you are only feeding your dog home cooked meals.

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