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Use Technology to Find Your Lost Pet

Source: SpotLight GPS Pet Locator Updated on July 16, 2015
Lost Dog Guide:


Over the last twenty years, technology has advanced by leaps and bounds. We can barely live without our cell phones, digital cameras, the Internet, and mp3 players. Another major invention in the field of technology has been the Global Positioning System (GPS). Fast becoming an inseparable part of our daily lives, GPS makes for easier and stress free navigation. It uses signals from satellites to accurately pinpoint your location and destination, as well as provide further information about your whereabouts.

GPS Technology

While GPS technology has been around for several decades, it was previously only used by the military. Since then it has been introduced to the general public and has become increasingly more affordable for spin-off technologies. One of the most interesting offshoots of GPS technology has been its use in tracking and locating missing pets. By using GPS tracking, the chances of finding a pet which has strayed or gone missing have improved dramatically. Rather than spending hours scouring your neighborhood and nearby pet shelters, with the help of a GPS Pet Tracking device, all you have to do is check your phone or email for an update of his or her exact location. Most GPS pet trackers are placed on dog collars and can be removed for charging as and when required.

SpotLight Tracking Device

There is already a staggering array of choices available when it comes to GPS Pet Tracking Collars. Some are basic giving you only the location of the missing animal, while others are more sophisticated providing the location as well as detailed turn by turn directions on how to get there. You need to figure out how much you can afford in terms of inclusions and services offered. One such GPS unit available in the market today is the SpotLight GPS Pet Locator.

This particular device was developed in conjunction with the American Kennel Club Companion Animal Recovery (AKC CAR), the nation’s largest not-for-profit pet ID and recovery service. The SpotLight GPS Pet Locator offers an exclusive AKC CAR collar tag with a unique ID number that includes a lifetime enrollment in AKC CAR’s Recovery Service.

A compact, reasonably priced device, weighing only 2.5-ounces; it can be easily attached to your dog’s collar. Dogs can then be tracked by cell phone, the Internet, or owners can call the AKC CAR recovery team for pet updates 24/7. Using the latest Google Map technologies, SpotLight GPS Pet Locator not only locates your missing pet, but also gives you detailed directions on how to get to where they are. Apart from this, owners can set up specific ‘safe spots’ that are pre-determined secure locations. If and when your pet leaves these ’safe spots’ (for example, your home or local dog park), you will be notified by an email or phone alert. A history of your pet’s roaming habits during the course of a week can also be obtained from the SpotLight website. The device comes with an LED beacon that makes it easier to track your pet in the dark. The SpotLight GPS Pet Locator is one of the most compact, lightweight and sturdy GPS trackers available in the market today. With SpotLight, tracking and recovering lost dogs is no longer an issue so you’re missing pet will be returned safely to your home as quickly and efficiently as possible.

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