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Tips on Keeping Your Dog Safe in a Car

Source: PetWave, Updated on October 27, 2016
Car Safety
Car Safety Tips Guide:

Things to Consider

Every year veterinarians see countless canine patients that have been injured in car accidents. Dogs can become severely injured in even mild car accidents if they are not properly restrained, and in some cases dogs accidentally fall or jump out of windows. Roaming dogs inside of cars can also cause the driver to get into an accident if their attention is on the dog and not on the road.

In a Kennel

A kennel is one of the safest ways to transport your dog in a vehicle. The kennel will help to keep your dog restrained, and in the case of an accident a kennel will help to reduce any possible injury to your dog. Always keep the kennel well padded with blankets, and place the kennel where your dog is getting plenty of fresh air. If the kennel does not fit snuggly in the car, strap a buckle or two around the kennel to ensure that the kennel remains secure.

Alternative Safety Measures

If you do not want to transport your dog in a kennel, then there are a variety of pet products that have been created to help pet owners keep their dogs safe in a car. Pet harnesses and seats are two of these products that will keep dogs in place during car travel. Pet harnesses and seats will also help to reduce a dog’s chances of injuries if a car accident occurs.

Driver Tips

Pet owners can carry out their own safety measures as well to ensure the safest travel for their dog. If you want the windows down during the trip, make sure that your dog cannot jump or fall out of the windows. If the weather is especially hot or cold, get the car cooled down or warmed up before you begin the trip. Periodically check on your dog as well to ensure that your dog is not suffering from extreme temperatures in the car.

Basic Care Topics
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