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Buying a New Dog - Choosing the Right Dog & Places to Buy

Source: PetWave, Updated on October 27, 2016
Buying a New Dog Guide:


Purchasing a new dog is a very exciting experience, and deciding which pup is the perfect fit for your home can prove an extremely difficult process. There are a wide variety of breeds from which to choose, and it is essential that you pick a dog that has a temperament that is compatible with your personality and those of other family members within your home. You should begin by deciding what size dog is best for your home and whether or not you plan on housing your pooch indoors or out. Then you must figure out if you want a pure or mixed breed – or maybe an orphan from the local animal shelter is more your style. Even if you have narrowed your choice down to what you have envisioned is the perfect pet, you may find that your newest family member is not at all what you had imagined, as many times your pet instead chooses you.

Choosing the RIght Dog

Dog's Temperamnet & Personality:

Different breeds have different temperaments, and it is very important that you choose a dog that fits the personality of your family. Breeds like Labs, Cocker Spaniels, Collies and Golden Retrievers are best for families with small children, as they are very loyal, gentle and extremely patient companions. Breeds that are less compatible with small children include the Chow, Rottweiler and Pit bull. These breeds are not as sociable and can harm children and even some adults. You must also think about your own personality, as some breeds are very demanding and high-strung, like the Chihuahua; if you are use to a quiet and tranquil environment this breed is definitely not for you! The most important thing to remember is to actually choose a breed that you believe is going to fit best in your home. Do not purchase a particular breed for vanity purposes; that cute little pooch can sometimes end up much more than you are able to handle.

Cost of Care

There are also many costs to consider when you want to properly care for you dog. First of all, make sure you are able to afford food and healthy dog treats for your pet. You should also check to find out what type of registration is required, as you must register and obtain proper identification tags for your pup to ensure its safety in case it gets lost. Make sure you also check with local veterinarians to learn the costs associated with providing proper healthcare for your pet, as dogs require regular check-ups, vaccinations and dental care. Many breeds also have special grooming requirements and require specific care from a professional dog groomer. Remember that your pet is part of your family, so prepare yourself for the cost associated with its care just like you would with any other member of your family.

Housing and Space

Finally, make sure that you have room for your pet. A dog requires ample space for exercise and play. If you plan to house your pup outside, make sure you purchase proper shelter to keep it safe during inclement weather situations. You should also make sure that the area your dog is kept in is completely enclosed. Dogs have a natural curiosity about their surroundings, and they are sure to find a way out if at all possible. If you plan on keeping your pup inside then you must make sure that it is always under proper supervision. Until your puppy is housetrained it is sure to make a few messes, so have carpet cleaner and deodorizer readily available. You should also prepare yourself for a few chewed up shoes and the possibility of damaged furniture.

Sources to Buy a New Dog


When looking for a pure bred dog you must make sure that you are dealing with a reputable breeder. Local veterinarians can often refer you to good breeders in your area. When you meet with the breeder, you should first ask to see the places where the dogs are kept to make sure they are raised in a healthy environment. A respectable breeder is most likely assessing you too, as they are mostly concerned with making sure their dogs end up in a caring and responsible environment. You should carefully examine all documentation and registration papers to make sure that they are legitimate before completing your purchase.

Newspaper Ads:

Searching the classified section of your local newspaper is a quick and easy way to find both pure and mixed breeds. You can often find pure bred dogs at cheaper prices by responding to one of these ads; however, it is still very important that you make sure that you are purchasing from a reputable source as you do not want to buy from someone who is possibly involved in the illegal puppy mill business. If acquiring a full-blooded breed is not an important factor in your decision, you may even find ads where mixed breeds are given away free of charge.

Social Networking:

The power of the internet can prove a valuable asset in helping you find your new pup. Post inquiries on social networks to ask your friends if they know anyone selling or giving away puppies. You are likely to find that many people in your network can help you out in your search for the perfect pet.

Pet Shops:

Purchasing from a pet shop is probably the easiest way to find a new pet. Simply browse, select and purchase. Although convenient, you should not forget other sources, as you may end up paying too much and often can find better and more affordable deals by pursuing other options.


Adoption is possibly the best option when you do not care whether or not your new pet is of the pure bred variety. Pet shelters are full of animals that want and need your love and attention. For a small adoption fee you can give a dog a loving home and rescue it from possible euthanization.

Special Notes

After you have considered all of these factors and you have decided that you are still ready to become a dog owner, then carefully choose which type of dog is best for your family. Responsibility is key to building a healthy and lasting relationship between you and your new pet. Make sure you are prepared to provide unbridled love and attention to your pup; if you do, you are sure to have a loyal companion that lasts a lifetime.

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