Heat cycles




My 6 month kitten has started her heat cycles.  I am taking her in to get spayed in a couple weeks, Is there anything I can do for her until her surgery to make her more comfortable and to tolerate her constant vocalization.




Reply To: Lisa


Unfortunately the meowing is a direct result of your female being in heat. This loud meowing is her way of letting every other cat know she is looking for a mate. I have never had to do this since my cat was spayed at an early age, but there is a hormone your vet can provide to stop the heat cycle. The other option is to hang tight and be patient, it should only last for a few days.




Reply To: catsarethebest

I have rescued 4 cats to date, and have gone through heats with all of my girls.  I lost my 3rd cat due to sudden kidney failure at only 5yrs. So I adopted another when I felt I could love another.

My last adoption was a kitten who I thought was 4 months. (the previous owner had no idea, because the litter was dropped off in a box at the side of the road).

She goes through heats every three weeks. (right now she is going through her third heat with us.) She rolls constantly around the floor, she loves to rub against your feet, and always wants to be held. This is very normal. Being held, she will want her rear in the air with her tail to one side. She is not as vocal as my other cat, but she whines more. I have always found with my experience, the kitten/cat will attach themselves to the person who they are most comfortable with, while in heat. Our only problem has been, that she thinks the other two cats could "mate" with her. She constantly bothers them. One is 17yrs, and the other is 8yrs. They get quite upset, growl, and hiss.

I try to referee, but can't be there all the time. She is to be spayed in March through the SPCA. I think one more heat to go! I feel so bad for her, as it must take so much energy.

Please always fix your cats. It's healthier for them, and they become much more relaxed pets. (and lovable!)

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