Keeping me up at night!




My 1 1/2 yr. old, 5 lb., Yorkie has recently decided to wake me up at 12:30pm, and sometimes 3:30 pm to go outside to potty.  No eating habits were changed, no sleeping arrangements are different.  She sleeps in bed with us, has since a pup.  Never been crate trained (my mistake).  She stands at the end of the bed & barks until I wake up and take her downstairs (nearly killing myself sound asleep).

I let her outside, she does her business, we go back to bed, or I sleep on the couch too tired to go upstairs with her knowing she may wake me up again at 3:30 for same routine!

Help!  She is too tiny to be a "garage" dog sleeper, can't stay outside alone (dangerous with owls & coyotes), and will bark all night in the crate.

Her old self was fine, went to bed with me, slept until 5:30am, then we get up for the day, WHAT HAPPENED!


Deprived sleep yorkie princess lover!




Reply To: doghorselover

Sorry to hear about the sleepless nights.  My boy A.K.A "Da Baby" does very simliar things late at night when has to use the bathroom.  Its not the same as barking, but he will jump up on the bed and sit on my head and paw at me until I take him out.  One thing to consider doing is cutting of the drinking water 2 hours before bed time.  Hopefully then your dog wont need to use the bathroom.  Hope that idea helps, if you give it a try let me know if it works out.

"Da Baby"




Reply To: fishfinder

Wow, it amazes me how persistent us dogs can be, it’s really good to know that even though we are can bothersome, you are still happy to care for our needs. Big hugs to owners :)



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