fostering senior dogs

Hi foster parents:

I got my first "official" foster dog, just 3 days ago, a 12 year old doxie.  I have 3 of my own and do not want a 4th,  permanantly, just want to help out until she gets a home.  Question is, how do you handling  the falling in love part.  She is so beautiful, loving, well mannered and is clinging to me.  I hate it that she will have to feel abandoned again.  Please dont advise that I keep her, I'm on a very limited income and cant afford vet bills.  Please share your experiences and how you handled the bond that occurs immediately.

Anticipating a broken heart in Oroville...







Reply To: annie

Wow, what a hard thing to deal with.  I met a couple that acts as foster parents in the park yesterday and actually had a similar discussion.  The basic answer is the best thing you can do is provide a good temporary home for the foster dog.  The bond is unavoidable, but by setting good behaivior patterns in the dog, and loving it with all your heart, will only help the dog get adopted faster.  Like human children, the bond is formed, however, once they find their new home a new bond will be formed with the new parents.  Hope this helps, and rememebr, love is never a bad thing!!!

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