How do I introduce my new puppy to our 7 year old Shitzhu/JackRussell Terrier mix

Its isn't going very well so far. The older dog tried to take a nip a the new baby and it really scared the puppy. They are both females. The older dog is very possessive of me




Reply To: newpugmom

When you introduce a new dog into the new home usually the pecking order is settled by the dogs.  However in your case it seems like the older dog is afraid it is being overtaken by the younger dog.  One things to make sure you do is not to ignore the older dog by focusing all you attention to the new member of the family.  One thing to try and help the older dog to not fear losing her throne is to set a feeding schedule where the older eats first and then feed the younger.  Getting the dogs involved in activities together also can help them to learn to get along.  Hope this helps




Reply To: adwalla

Hey Adwalla, this is a really good piece of advice.  I know in my house I am the only dog, but my sister betsy sure does make a lot of noise.  She is a cow believe it or not, but we still get along very well

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