Dog think chasing is a game

Does anyone have any training trips on stopping my dog from thinking chasing is a game vs. something that drives me crazy?


Tiger Queen


Reply To: adwalla

My dog used to think chasing was a game also.The way I delt with her was if I started running or jogging and she started chasing me I stopped,turned around and started walking the other way to let her know that chasing does not get attention from me. Try jogging and if she doen't follow you give her a treat. Also try to go running in the morning and the afternoon and bring her along that way she will learn that there is a time for chasing and a time for being relaxed. Hope these help!   




Reply To: Tiger Queen

Tiger Queeen, that was really helpful.  I am going to start jogging this afternoon and giving your tip a try.  Fingers crossed!!!

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