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In April of 2018 i took in a sweet kitten named ashlyn over the course of a few months i noticed small taces of blood in her stool. Ash was a sweet kitten and always kept indoors. Butb2 days ago i let her outside for 30 min or so only to find her gasping for air laying down on her side. My first instinct was that she was choking she had a small knot in her throat. So i gave her small amounts of water and tried to get it out. After about 20 sec. She completly quit breathing from her nose and within a minute was dead. I am still tramitized i felt sonhelpless not being able to help her. I just want to figure out what happened you see my first though was she was choking but after she passed the knot in her throat dissipeared all together. I feel like someone might have poisoned her but not sure. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

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