Stroke or not?



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Our beautiful 13 year old female long haired german shephard "Mafia", just gave us a fright of our life. Immediately I assumed she had a stroke.....choking back the tears I swiftly rang the Vet who was asking for her to be brought in for treatment. I followed my gut and thought moving her and taking her to THAT place could trigger her in a negative path. I assured the vet I would keep a close eye on her, keep her quiet and warm in her own environment and allow her to be comfortable. I placed her food and water nearby and left her to rest for 1/2 hour. Meanwhile I am dreading the next check up, thinking it would be an unpleasant find. With torch in hand, I went outside to check where I last placed where to be found. The tears welling again, I continued my search, under the vehicles, under the house, in her kennel, in the shed...with my heart swelling I hear gentle footsteps behind me, spotting a wagging tail. Our girl came back, as she was only a few hours prior. I called my husband who was inside at the time heartbroken expecting the worse, he did not know what to expect. There she was, head down in her food bowl, no eye's rolling, no unsteadyness, no panting...the joy of seeing her healthy words can express. My prayers were answered, our girl is back!!! :)

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