Sudden loss



In Cats

I have read so many stories of sudden loss in the cat section.  I have a 10 year old lab/mix.  I pray I do not have to pour out my sorrow in that section for a long time.  I have always thought myself to be a "dog person". Then Diesel came into my life.  He was a "needy" one from the start. He may have been taken from his mom too soon.  I picked him out.  He was in a trailer home with a lady who had 3 nursing mother cats at the time.  I brought him into vet the very next day.  He grew to be a large sturdy cat.  He was tipping the scale at 18 pounds.  I  tried to have him lose a pound over a two year span.  I knew it should not be done too quickly.  He just loved to eat.  He was on a fixed schedule. I fed him every five hours.  He would often paw me after 3&1/2 though.  Last month before he died I had him at vet and he was at a goal weight. He was 16 pounds.  Still a big guy, a healthy guy.  I had a few questions.  We did a baseline blood check.  All was normal.  Four days later he collapsed and was dead.  I have done all the research i could do.  I am a medical person.  I am a retired nurse. I know these things happen but for Diesel, I could not accept it.  Then I found this site.  I see it happens all too many times.  There is no comfort in this.  To the contrary it pains me more.  I feel for everyone who has lost their loved cat like this.  Unlike dogs...cats only tell us they love us, not much more.  I pray that we all heal.  I pray we see our baby kitties again.  I pray they are not missing us as we miss them.  We would not want that pain for them.  There are no words that can comfort us. I can only hug my dog, and that scares me too.

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