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3 yrs ago a friend's daughter asked me to keep her dog for her. She was moving to Tampa for a new job opportunity. She did not know how long will it take to find a place that takes pets. she was so far never able to get up on her feet suffering misfortune and then her phone was disconnected. So I have not heard from her in over 2 years but I am in touch with the grandmother who has 5 chihuahuas she could not take care of anymore. So when it's time for Belle which is her name to go to the vet she pays for it. And there's always things that you want to ask and you forget to ask especially if me and the technicians are trying not to get bit while putting on a muzzle. She is spayed the Chihuahua that I also have an Australian Shepherd who is not. They get along for the most part but once in awhile Bell the Chihuahua who is always loving and energetic running around wants to kiss your face off all all the closet and if you even try to touch her she nips at you and Yelps. I've also noticed that no matter if my Australian Shepherd is having a few blood droplets because that's always what it is. But Bell will go crazy every every time Halo gets up from where she sitting Bell will run over there and lick the spot Halo had been laying then. I don't know if all this could have something to do with one of them to spayed and one of them is not. The previous owner did mention to me that Bell the Chihuahua she is temperamental and every once in awhile she want to be left alone like a teenager going in the room and locking the door and turning the music up.. I know I gave a mix-up of information I was trying to get everything in. It just breaks my heart cuz Bell right now is in my closet curled up in a ball and even touch her nose between her eyes a little bit and say what a good girl she is she she nips at me my email

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