I need help with choice of a new breed please, thank You

Hi, we live on farm, but I'm looking for indoor cat, which can eventually anytime roam free on the fenced compaund(that is not criterium, but possibility, If it would be the cat demand). We have a wild cat, normal cat, which has her place nearby our sheep. As a pure breed, we had a Maine coon cat, but my sister moved to her own house and took the cat along. I'm now looking for a new cat(Pure), I'm still considering Maine, but this time, I'd rather try some new breed.I would like the cat to be a real individuality with her unique personality, exotic cat can be extravagant and I'd like her to be playfull, but nossessarilly 24/7 attention needed. Temperament wise isn't much important, playfull, but aswell independent. I don't care wether smaller or bigger breed, because my apartmant is big aswell as garden and compound outside (both fenced), but she can be 365 days inside, If You would suggest some breeds sensitive on colder weather. Long hair or short hair also isn't important. When it comes to kids, that depends, I have 9 and 6yrs old, but both lives abroad and come for a visit like one month in 2yrs, so I can say, I live alone and I'll be the person cat will be with. I'll be glad if You suggest, 5-7 breeds which at least bit fits my criterium and if possible write something small about the character. Thank You very much in advance. Please, don't suggest shelter Cats, I have already and now looking for some new interesting pure breed

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