jack rustle with cancer



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our nine-year-old jack rustle Milly has an aggressive tumour on her front ankle. the vet didn't specify the type of cancer. she just said it was an aggressive fast growing tumour. because of the place it is, it cant be removed because there is not enough skin to pull together and heal. and she won't recommend amputation of the leg due to her age. She was diagnosed a month ago. and she is becoming increasingly lethargic. opting to spend a great deal of time on her bed sleeping. and she can no longer walk long distances, depending on the day it can be a couple of hundred yards on a bad day to maybe a couple of miles on a good day. but she always seems to suffer after her walks. she spends a lot of time licking at the lump, and we can see it has got bigger over the last month. she has oral Metacam on prescription once a day ( in the evening before bed) we just wondered what the prognosis is and has anyone experienced anything like this.

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