Sudden Death



In Cats

A stray cat took me in about 4 months ago and I didn't know much about him.  I was fortunate to have him in my life for this short time as he was the friendliest cat and quite a character!  My vet told me he was at least 12 so definitely an older cat.  Since it is winter he spent most of the time cozied up inside but I did give him the opportunity to go outside which he would take advantage of once in awhile but just in short spurts.  I think he had experienced enough of the outside before he came to me.

Anyway, last night before we went to bed I fed him and gave him some treats which is the usual routine we've grown into.  Just as he was finishing his treats he acted like he was slipping or tripping and then just collapsed.  I ran over to him and he was motionless but his heart was racing real fast.  After 30 seconds he stopped breathing and never back around.  Very heartbreaking. 

He had been to the vet 3X in those 4 months but nothing out of the ordinary.  Can anyone provide any insight into what may have happened to my Pogo?  I'll talk to my vet tomorrow as well.

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