Beautiful Pembroke Corgi Female puppy

Hello everyone Happy new day! We have a Beautiful Pembroke Corgi Female puppy.
She's super playful very energetic,,she loves everyone. Been raised around family and children.
Parents are purebred Welsh Pembroke Corgi.
She is more on the straight hair then the curly. She's very adorable.
She's a great puppy. This breed is non aggressive and very gentle and sweet towards anyone! We are asking re homing of $500 to adopt her.
She comes with her health record which provides her vaccines and Worming that has been done. . She is my last one. She is potty trained. Please if your interested and would like to adopt her contact me . Only contact us if your interested. No holds. Thanks everyone!.. For more details call/text
(240) xxx 621 xxx 0541

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