Sudden Death - Tiger Lily

I just lost my Tiger Lily.  I was right there.  She was fine all day, yesterday, day before.  Today, as usual, jockeying with her sister for attention.  I heard this long moan and saw her on her side, with her head and neck outstretched.  Two seconds to get there and pick her up, and she was already limp and not breathing.  I gave her CPR, and I did it right.  Right away, when it happened.  And still, I could not hold onto her.  Most likely a pulmonary embolism.  Her brother died like this 2 years ago - had a heart murmur.  Others related to her also had heart murmurs.  It was not caught on her, but I'm sure she had the same thing.  Very sad, and it does not seem to get easier.  Guess I wanted to post just so her passing would not go unnoticed by the world.  Thanks for listening.

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