The constant hunger of Pugs

My puppy pug is constantly hungry. Of course I follow my vets recommendations for feeding my Bruno. Just out of curiosity, if he got into a 10 or 20 lb bag of kibbles, how much would a puppy pug consume at one time? Of course I would never allow this to happen, (his food is kept in a high cabinet). But as fast as he eats, would he stop before the bag was empty?



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Reply To: mycocopop

Most puppy's will eat til there isn't any left. They don't know any better. Although some will stop when full. It's hard to say. Best thing to do is fill a bowl half full and try. If he keeps eating he will simply toss it up. But I believe with pugs I think they may be in danger with being too full and you may need to go to vets. So don't put a whole bowl down... just enough to see if he will stop. 
I would just listen to your vet. They know best. 

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