Hives? Mites? Plz help



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Im beyond frusterated! I have 2 pit bulls. A 9 yr old F & a 5 yr old M. I've had on going issues with them recently. And spent alot of money & still trying to ease my dogs of there pain suffering & constant itch! I DK if this s ear mites body ice mange I'm so at my wits end. Both. Dogs are very distressed from all of this as am i. But recently my poor boy has broken out all over in bad hives. He's extremely itchy & now LOOSING fur in small spots . Along with hair thinning badly! I've gone to 3 different vets but no one seems to help . I literally waste money.  I recently purchased the lime sulfer dip . I've also been using am anti flea & anti parasite shampoo.  I took him to banfield last week got him a pretizone shot and some type of benadryl medicine shot I bathed him in the shampoo then dipped him  he is not any better. Maybe even worse! I'm itchy now to. My other dogs not half as bad but his one eye is bothering him . Bad! His toes he chews constantly. He needs to be comfortable again and everyone acts like I don't know my dogs I need my happy dogs back this is AWFUL PLZ HELP US!

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