Electronic Cat Feeder Guide

Hello all!

I'm Sarah 27 years old and....I love cats.

I have been using several different electronic feeders over the years now. Good and bad ones. Throughout the years I found friends and family noticing the feeder in my apartment and asking what they are looking at. Once I explain what it is, and how it helps me and my cats in everyday life they are always interested in trying them out themselves.

Since the prices and functionality vary a lot between the different devices I would be a shame to settle for the wrong feeder for your and your cats specific needs.
Hence I wrote and compared the electronic feeders I personally used in a guide on my blog lovelylittlebeasts.com

I am asking to get your opinion and feedback on my guide. What can I improve to make the guide more understandable to interested pet owners. What piece of information is missing, that you would be interested to know?

Thanks a lot
I really appreciate any feedback!

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