I notice my cat having trouble breathing, he was 7 yrs old and never ever had a medical problem. I chose to take him to the vet. He was a indoor cat that never went out, half way there he stared to meow then 15 seconds later he let out one loud MEOW. I kept going while I pumped he's little chest. I am sad to report he past, I cried, I must tell you im 53 230lb strong man but this hurt bad, he was my buddy. I ask myself what could I have done different? I have asthma should I have used my puffer on him, should I have waited to see if it past, I don't know and have been beating myself up over this. I just don't have an answer. I need to tell my daughters who are both at school, I waited to this weekend. what could I have done different, I think the stress from the ride may have caused this but doing nothing would have been bad. i just dont know. i will miss my dew man, he was a loveable guy. sad dad looking for answers. :(  

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